Welcome to the Morningstar school of Mysteries & magick! We here teach all about Paganism, Witchcraft and how to understand the concept of nature-based practices. 

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My Story

Hello, this is Lilith Morningstar. Most of you might have read "Miss Morningstar" on my Instagram handle. I am a Hindu witch with practices from Hinduism and Paganism. I am Eclectic in my practice with most focus on Green witchcraft, Kitchen witchcraft and educational craft. I like to teach the craft to new witches and explain about different cultures and lesser-known concepts of closed culture. 

I am a mentor and the glue to a coven. I am a trained therapist, currently working. And no, I am not Wiccan. (Wicca is a religion, witchcraft is a practice) I have more than 1000 witchy books on many many topics. I am a reader nerd, psychology, astrology geek, and a lover of odd things. 


I connect a lot to Harry Potter. Living with aunt, discovering magic when they treated me bad. My life changed with witchcraft and psychology- two things I now love deeply. They helped me get out of my bad mental health and to have faith on myself. I now teach those who want to start their journey, who have a longing to understand the universe better and those in love with wild and odd things like me.


Looking for answers on witchcraft?